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Wall ball, Med Ball and Resistance band ONLY!
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Work up a sweat, burn unwanted fat and sculpt your body with this tempo driven full body workout! We’ll use a mixture of resistance bands and either a wall ball or medicine ball to really get your heart pumping and muscles burning. Whether you are looking to find a new method to improve your strength and endurance, or you are a beginner, this class will be sure to offer a continuous flow of movements to keep your heart rate elevated and muscles pumping. For beginners to advanced.

Frequently Asked Questions

How did STW come about?

STW was built by Mr. Hardy so that civilians, LEOs, Military and all first responders get the best reality-based self-defense training possible. Plus the most hands-on, fun and inventive group/team fitness classes in the country.

What should I wear to train?

Be comfortable! Lorem ipsum...

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Come as you are and see for yourself!

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